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1905-58 Product Trial Manchester

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Since adult age, which of the following products do you or have you used and how often?
Electronic devices for vaping or for heating tobacco
Cigarettes (readymade, packaged cigarettes)
Self-rolled cigarettes from loose tobacco
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Do you, anyone living in your household, or any of your family/close friends work for any of the following industries?
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If you are currently a student, what are you currently studying?
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How many cigarettes (sticks) do you smoke on an average day?
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How long have you been smoking?
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Which brand of cigarette do you smoke MOST OFTEN and would consider to be your MAIN BRAND of choice?

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Which flavours of cigarettes do you regularly smoke?
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To what extent would you consider using an E-cigarette or Tobacco vaping device in the future?
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To what extent would you consider using a TOBACCO FLAVOURED E-cigarette or Tobacco vaping device or other vaping device in the future?
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Are there any e-cigarette or tobacco vaping device brands you are already aware of? Please list them.
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What type of vaping device do you use most often?
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What is the brand and model (if relevant) of the E-cigarette or Tobacco vaping device you use most often?
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Since adult age, how long have you owned and regularly used an e-cigarette or tobacco vaping device?
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What strength of vaping liquid do you use?
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Which of the following vaping flavours do you regularly use?


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For health protection reasons, our research is only conducted amongst people with no allergies. Do you have any allergies?
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Our research is only conducted with healthy individuals. At this moment, do you have any medical condition or are taking any medications that would prevent you from participating in this study?
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Are you currently pregnant or breastfeeding?
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Please select and comment with the times you would be available to take part in a product trial on Thursday 30th May.
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You will be asked to trial a product for a week at home, whilst completing short surveys throughout. You will then be asked to return the product on Friday 7th June. Please select and comment with the times you would be available to do this.

(PLEASE NOTE, if you do not take part in the second visit you will NOT receive the incentive)

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The money I was spending on cigarettes meant I had less money to spend on other things I like
I was spending so much money on cigarettes that it was making it difficult to meet other financial commitments
I didn’t like how much money I was spending on cigarettes
I needed to go out or find a special place to smoke cigarettes
I had to wait too long between cigarettes
My life changed and it was harder and harder to fit smoking cigarettes into my routine
I felt it was impacting me physically and was preventing me from enjoying hobbies and daily activities (playing sports, climbing stairs, etc.)
I felt I was smoking too many cigarettes and it had an impact on my body
I felt smoking was taking a toll on me
I felt that I needed to hide my smoking of cigarettes from others
I felt pressured by others around me to stop smoking cigarettes
I felt the smell of smoke on my clothing/hair was or could offend others
I was one of the last people still smoking cigarettes
People I knew had stopped or reduced smoking and started vaping
I felt smoking was becoming less popular
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Meet my financial obligations, to pay my bills
Save for vacation, buy presents, or do something fun
To have more spending money day to day
Avoid stress and still enjoy my experience during the day
Vape in places that I could not smoke before; house, car, office, etc.
To vape at times when I could not smoke
Reduce the physical impact in enjoying my lifestyle (e.g. performance at sports, recreation, etc.)
To cut down on the number of cigarettes I was smoking to lessen the impact on my body, but continue smoking
Allow me to feel better about myself
Avoid offending other people because of smoking cigarettes
Being considerate and eliminate smoke smell to others
Show others that I was trying to smoke fewer cigarettes
Be perceived as an early adopter of vaping devices
People I knew were starting to vape and I wanted to fit in
Vaping is a new trend and I want to be a part of it
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